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Geri LaGotta

Geri LaGotta - Wedding Officiate

When my husband, Joe, & I were married, we felt that our wedding ceremony should be a true reflection of the feelings we had toward each other and our marriage; and so, we wrote our own vows and asked a close friend to officiate. Community and family were important to us, so we asked brother and sisters and two of our dearest friends to participate with readings and the lighting of candles. Writing our own ceremony made the day that much more meaningful for us and seemed to deepen our connection with everyone in attendance. Afterwards, I decided I wanted to help other couples create a similar experience for themselves, and as a Florida State Notary Public, I have had the opportunity to do just that.


As a Notary Public, Geri has married many couples here in Key West. Her approach is heart-centered, collaborative and warm.

Our Photographers

Carol TedescoPackages include wedding services by I Do!  Weddings’ Geri LaGotta, a Florida State Notary & Events Coordinator, & professional photography by Carol Tedesco or Captain Keith MacDonald. 

Carol is an award-winning fine art photographer living in Key West since 1992.  Her photographs have appeared in exhibits and print publications throughout the U. S. and abroad.  Carol's palette encompasses weddings, portraiture, documentary, and special-event photography.  Carol's warmth, her attention to Keith MacDonalddetail & artistic eye always ensure a treasured event.  Carol shoots her “swooningly” romantic wedding images with a high-performance large-sensor Canon EOS 5D Digital SLR. 

Captain Keith MacDonald has lived in Key West for 15 years.  He has photographed throughout Central America, Cuba, the Bahamas, & Mexico documenting his extended travels with his wife, Caroline, aboard their 35’ cutter-rigged sailboat.  His special touch for wedding photography developed while captaining charter boats here in Key West & officiating ceremonies onboard.  Keith’s talent is not only behind the lens—he has a great sense of humor & is positively exuberant photographing couples on & off the water.   Keith uses a high-resolution Canon Digital SLR camera.

For more information about Geri LaGotta be sure to visit the concierge pages. To visit Carol's website click here. For Captain Keith MacDonald’s click here

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